Thursday, December 6, 2012

christmas smells

what would they be...
would they be anise and mint
or cinnamon with orange
or spruce with fir
and frankincense and myrrh?

I want them all for the feeling. the coming  in the house and it smells of all these plus bread in the oven or some goody on the stove.

I will make a soap for yule today.
It should have some resin and melted things in it.
I'll infuse it with my thoughts for the amazing year which has been
and I'll conjure delicious schemes for the next which we shall easily navigate and create like a magical children

soap to be made 12+6+2012=14=5

 a great day to chill and be internal. 5 is about resting getting over a cold and actual chills, meditating, breathing....understanding without reacting..comes easily

old whore

a third one too..
what, patchouli mandarin??
(I need to think about that, it'll be a surprise, a last minute thought)

I have been wanting more cardamom lime soap. That was such an underrated soap and so creamy. All I did was add organic thick coconut milk at the finish. It made a nice hard bar too.
Lime is one of my favorite oils. So fresh and bright!
I should make more of that one.

ah the old whore she opens doors xx

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