Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Mercury and The True Node In Scorpio

Mercury and Venus too, Saturn in the beginning stages of Scorpio ..yea...

The True Node is a place not an item like another sphere. Apparently it has powers to bring good and better days. For Scorpio, that is so welcome. They are the last to complain and say they are weak right now, to say they are sorry and to ask for some compassion..all true.

I am talking about Scorpio because if ever in the year there was a time to hone in on some thing which needs clearing out and deciphered, it is now.
Lessons learned and new beginnings are all in order. But not before some tears are shed. Cry for the good, I say! Cry because you are safe and someone (many) loves you..otherwise the venom which you create with your thoughts, poisons you, I mean, where else is it going to go?

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