Sunday, December 2, 2012


lets us see..

a person works to make a masterpiece..
(or one which they deem so)
anyhow, they work and they wrap and they set up a shop for handmade things that is easy to navigate on line.
etsy..awesome people, good crafters, nail polish makers..fine I'll join..
90% of me loves it. I attract a customer who knows what she ~ he wants and loves is special to me.

Go to the bath and beauty home page on etsy and tell me how many brown dog poop soaps you see. There is always at least one..this morning there are three!
Think about 3... whoa, 6 and then 12 dog poop sellers!?? What sort of gag is this?

I suppose that is what one might consider as life's "fecal notes"...

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