Sunday, December 23, 2012

the pope

It is blasphemous to talk about the pope..course their kind made up the word so we would all be afraid..and believe me, we were in light of the consequences.
What does that guy have to do with making the rules of who goes to heaven? Or who has sex with who?
Honestly, I don't think a so called monk need   avail himself in current events but instead should be in his cave meditating.

and Santa..what is this modern day retail booster have to do with solstice, sneaking into bedrooms making lists..??
He knows if you're la
he can go to jail for that I am sure and yet every year we sing his song!

Santa is Oden, modernized by Coca Cola..

see back about four thousand years ago while cultures on earth, decided they were the chosen people, the northern people were making up stories of their idea of god, Oden, Thor, Freya...others were looking at other options to say god..
after about two and a half thousand years, a collective group of Christians had a meeting and made Jesus's birthday be around celebrations of yule that simply would not go away....people have their customs!
Even after 500 years of hearsay, after he was gone, they most likely did not know..they only knew where the stars were during a roundabout time...some say that is January 6th others say, March, April....point being, everyone wanted to partake of feasting during Saturnalia and all that fun.. so this is Christmas..and what have we done..
Oh, The Romans celebrated Saturnalia during Solstice..and the druids  had their own thing...

It is pre dawn here on pre  Christmas eve...
I can't sleep. This does not often happen as I usually sleep like a log..a yule log!

God's name is sweet in any language..

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