Saturday, December 15, 2012

gg neroli

gg neroli

"g" for gratitude
grub for goodness sake!

Creamy goodness, pure Tunisian neroli and loads of shea butter in soap is a once in a while luxury. This is that once in a while!

I am in awe of oils! I love them so much. I love neroli so so so so much lol

Trouble is, unless you use a whole  bunch and for us working girls about a 100 bucks worth is stretching it.
You have to "gird your loins" ( as my Tonie says) in order to made up for that kind of expense.
(BTW, that may be the right idea, but you get it)
you know what I say?
"Is that all, give me two!"
ha ha ha ha
ho ho ho


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