Wednesday, December 19, 2012

ever since the number seven

..and other not so random thoughts....

The number seven comes up for me a lot. Probably because I have a 12th house Saturn and all that goes with that.
And, probably because at this stage of my life, I am continually changing into what I'll become.
Take work, for example.
Well, guess what? All the negative people have gone. There are those there:) who just want to go to work, do well and enjoy their job...

as much as you can in a retail setting, and I can attest to the fact that it can be really fun and really good...
people are changing however, they watch TV and wait for a TV doctor to tell them what to do, they don't even use Google for gosh sakes! Books and such things are going to be more of a rarity, I am afraid .but hey, that is the out side world my friends. Not us!
We are always looking, examining, considering the karma involved..karma...the personification of cause and effect, the law of attraction, the secret, om..

Anyhow I am always reviewing the seven.
It comes before 8, :)..
* is my favorite
* it is about fighting, reviewing and realizing that sometimes you can walk away from a fight, you do not have to argue every point and not every attack is about a is about valor, being scared and doing anyhow.

The Seven of Wands can also indicate strong convictions.
In order to take a firm stand, you must believe in your position and yourself.
You’ll need integrity and strength of character to see you through.
If your cause is just, use the energy of the Seven of Wands to make a difference.
more on 7 of wands here;

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