Saturday, December 29, 2012

the dud

I don't  know if you were with me around 2011 when I made that whole batch of incense and then I took the really sticky concentrated parts and put them in a frankincense based botanical soap. Some sort of kyphi blend I had wanted.
For months after cutting the soap, I would walk by and smell it, put it down, and think, "not ready"  for months! My friend Tonie would say, "leave it, it'll be good"
I had doubts and once again, she was my wisdom magnet.
After a while and more than two months later this product had transformed itself into a special and spectacular soap with heavy vibes of protection and steadiness..I can't seem to find the photo but you might have enjoyed a bar..that was the past..and....I was also going through a Saturn aspect in my chart..Saturn is really important and worthy of investigating where this giant is making magnetic angles in your chart...

Saturn teaches patience
growing up

in allowing others to shine, you get brighter
say you are sorry
Saturn wants you Saturn makes you be you are sorry..true story::))lol

Today we have my gorgeous satsuma which I added a whole heap of orange wax to.
I am heavy handed at takes a long time anyhow and now orange wax even longer..
At the very worst, we will have to toss it..or in 6 months it'll remind us of Italy in Summer..Italy should smell like mandarins and oranges and maybe you are  on a marble patio overlooking the sea..with citrus trees all around and as you know you can always walk by and pluck a lemon blossom and blow yourself away because nothing you had smelled in a bottle can compare..unless of course you go to the next tree and also pluck a bitter orange blossom and you rub that one  on your heart..

have a wonderful day"_))

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