Friday, December 21, 2012

libra men

Libra men are zealots!
They are collectors and love metal.
I meet one now and again and we totally hit it off. Libra men are funny, quick witted and overweight by what, 60..50??
Sorry guys, I meet a lot of men and by the time they get to be my age and if they indulge in beer and cookies, they break down just as much as all of us women..
When I was 20 ish I ran, rode my bike, went to the gym and then martial arts after I go to work, walk about 10 miles up and down stairs, come home and rest from all that. I never go to the gym as i have developed some sort of aversion to the sweat factor on equipment from other people.

Anyhow this story is about Libra men...and how they always like me..not many men is complicated lol~
Like this overweight Libra dude that came in last night, he was my age, rather tan, and spoke of his cars and his accomplishments in collecting and how he bought a car from warner brothers from the dukes of hazard..
"oh, cool"  I said, when I saw them..he had pictures.
And then asked him why needs so many..9....(maybe he has money, it is very opulent in bloomfield hills michigan)
He spoke of his mom a couple times and how he can't leave her..awe!!!
I love my mom like that, I thought to myself right away.
But Libra on Libra just doesn't work for me..too many Libras in a room and I get very tired of boasting after a while..see how it is complicated? I am like the princess and the pea about men...

Libra loves to have been accomplished, they do good work and have high intuition. They can see light around people, at least I can. I can see the obstruction if I want to look. I am never is a gift from God, ma'am!
there I go boasting,lol


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