Friday, December 28, 2012

the past

Have you ever written something, a poem perhaps and then gone back to read it years later?
I have a hard time  with that. It is weird to go back and glance at the frame of mind you were in a year ago on paper.
I usually stay within a few weeks time frame because when going back to read, you have to edit yet more embarrassing errors. Or, you are like, "Did I say that? What a geek!"

The past is so messed up, yo!
In the past people fuck you over or you have done it to them.
Well, perhaps we expect too much from others and not enough from ourselves.
All I am saying is, emotional drama happens, take it from me. With 7 children, there is always one giving me heartache..anger or sadness, it is still all the same heart wrenching human condition.
There is a trick to not getting too involved in their life but having boundaries enough to get your way in all things..
Do you think that is a selfish way to think? To demand your own way?
I don't. This is ma smoking, no perfume unless it is mine or Justine's and no traffic in my bathroom..

More importantly in this little rant of mine is the fact that each morning you get a chance to do it all over again.
You can wake up and blame yourself for ruining your own life, blame everyone else. or smile and be glad and don't have a ruined life! What, one little thing crushes you and now you are dead? No!
Be glad and measure your talents daily and say thank you for all the goodness..all the goodness and wonderment of being. Remembering, having good food and being warm under a full moon on an icy winter's morning..
that's the stuff!
thank you:) have a wonderful day.

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