Thursday, December 20, 2012

my name is anastasia

"what's your  name again"
people ask me all day..all day I say!

ann ana anastasia tashoula and yes they all have their own profile..
ann, innocent but still a zealot and unconventional

ana, more compassion and guilt  than ever before
cried a bunch during that phase..
which is why some people pull you towards them. To purge something. i would guess that my marriage to, you know, that guy..was the cause of much of my sadness ( he loved to prove how diabolical I was, ass!))..oddly enough, I did some great work back good as now?

 No way! I can still use all the best oils, avocado, shea butter, cacao..they are all at my finger tips and any oil I want comes to me as much as I want..but not all there is because there is enough for all of us! This is what i love, and this is who I am right now.

elder hawthorn red clover soap with red clover extract, violet leaf, elder co2, marjoram, african lavender, rosemary...
leave this be for as many and three, four weeks
and it will unfold something nice..your hearts desire as clover opens the heart and hawthorn protects it. Knowing your higher purpose and doing good deeds is the way to freedom...clear your mind from all debris, all sadness.

we are one
breathing light from our sun
each cell with a its task
gladly knowing what to do
saying, "i love you"


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