Sunday, December 30, 2012

still on etsy

yup still on etsy.
Ok.  ok, sometimes I go through my mental stuff...I want to be in a peaceful honey space. And all the friking nail polish on etsy is annoying! Not every day, but , quite often there are more and more business people making etsy sites because they know about 500 million people a year go there.

Hey man, people like nail polish..who am I the nail polish police? No.  but in my mind I think....
 " Like I want to see nails everywhere" They put layers and layers of chemical latex bonds on their nails and they  may be all yellow underneath..but that is besides the point.. There are  many other products I would rather not look at next to mine..but then...

Look at us!! We are on etsy, looking at pretty things reading pretty words..hopefully some of mine.
The point is that etsy is want a red velvet cape ( which dang it but I need one of those..), you can get one. You can get any color cape that an artist made on etsy...Perfume with natural oils? Yup, there are many..always read the ingredients..cute witchy names don't always mean aromatherapy.
People make  nice things though,  like my friend Matt who makes those sweet tea shirts.
he has taught his young un' cute..

thank you by the way and have a wonderful day.

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