Friday, November 22, 2013

the queen of swords and we are all a little curtailed aren't we

there is a bob dylan song that goes through a list of bad things that happened to a man and in the end he said, "lucky to be alive though"
being grateful isn't all its cracked out to be for some when they aren't in happiness mode..
every day life can be tedious
people in your face
waiting at the light
waiting behind a yia yia at the light
driving here
waiting in yet another line, to pay for food, to take home to your cave to finally not be in a line..

sometimes you get to where that every day routine makes you mean and grumpy..stop it!
who are you the queen of swords?
not getting her way and then lashing out as much as she can in order to prove that she is indeed worthy of goodness..?
We've all been there I am sure.
I look at the queen of swords as someone that can get angry and someone who may lack control of what she says in anger..words can hurt as much as a sword, do not forget that. Course you do..when you are in a  rage, anything can come out at that point..point is how are you going to control that pre-point phase?
I have learned to put up an easy defense point, lol,  by saying nothing time is now to say less, curtail your instincts to react..not everything needs to be justified by you or him, her or me..I mean mean really, isn't "let go" the epitome of that concept?

The queen of swords when paired with the tens or the tower, is about a woman who has shocking events surrounding her in her domain.
She may feel burdened and cold
the good thing is, she is correct and steady and can slice through some one elses changes in life on her grand ice sleigh of a throne..
 I see a lady
and a cold hearted killer if need be
I see a woman, light hair
who must curtail her drive to slice or wound
but to  find a way to glide over her life..using her sword as an anchor, leading her during hard turns..

what do you think of pearl powder? It is 80% calcium, you know from pearl?
poor little pearly creature!

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