Friday, November 29, 2013

let me be your ruler you can call me queen bee

the song is cute, I am sure you've heard it:)
see, I'm hip:)

What a bunch of emotional crap families can be! :)
You have the girls though, the they are  cute. nymphs so pretty with their hair tumbling down..they all take that time to fix the locks. me, tight pony tail, glorious as always! ha ha
I am like my mother in many ways but with all these women here, I see no reason to clean up after a big meal..I don't.. and they just do it, they clean up for yia yia and I get to eat little bites of greek thanksgiving food..there were many pitas, spinach and cheese, caramelized onion pita and feta for everyone!she also made delicious greek bread, blessed by her hands..I know how my mother is, she blesses her dough, just as I have always done with is a villager thing.
"mom, celery does not go in greek salad, seriously?"
"it doesn't"
lol, she is funny
The best desert bite was a cake with galatoburiko inside.. which seems to have been re baked in honey syrup and then you bite in to firm custard blew my mind.
I am like, "what is this a fried doughnut?"
I warmed them until they were tender and we ate them all...

galatoburiko is a firm cream custard often baked in fillo and honey lemon syrup..
what is my  problem with the custard lately?

what about raw cacao with vanilla right about now?
It is really big time with vanilla and winter isn't it?

Maybe I should have a black friday special..
you can see what is up with that there..
have a wonderful day:)
I will attend to my tasks with ease, focus, timely and smiling always..

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