Monday, November 11, 2013

a bunch of women

I went to a baby shower yesterday. Me, in a room with 30 women and I didn't even offend anyone..I don't think so anyway:)
ha ha ha
I am like a big peasant woman sticking out everywhere I go..
I have gone through this phase before when I was a body builder and I had lost so much weight that I lost my breasts and my face started to look like I was a mix between Frankenstein and Dracula's wife..I didn't color my hair then because it was a rich red blond on its own but I had this white streak of hair through the back that stood of my boys inherited that. people would look at me oddly. My friends said it was all in my mind..:)
Sometimes people tell me I am pretty..I always feel shocked, like maybe they are lying to me to make me feel better about my witchy face.
The other day, an old friend stopped by and because she is shorter than I , she looked up at me and said, "you're so pretty"..
It must be because this is the best time in my whole life. It must be because I sleep with a clear conscience. I must be because I always have money for oils and it must be because I have satisfaction in my work. I love to cook..soap, pancakes and ideas..that makes me pretty dang happy and maybe that shows on my face because I smile a whole lot! (om trayam backum ya jamma he)"

So yea, I went and chatted and laughed. They were nice, all of them..I got to hold a wee baby (6 pounds) and he rolled over on me and looked up, he just starred at me and then he noticed me and smiled..
My whole body went warm and I was taken away by his stunning soul which I may have gotten a glimpse of during that split second of smile from him.

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