Tuesday, November 26, 2013

venus pluto stand out

in Capricorn

Capricorns have been illusive and busy,  yes..but the rest of us have had a taste of Capricorn's medicine these last few months..
We are having to take our licks and step aside a little to see what passes us by..it is funny how we are climbing none the less! That is the Capricorn way..
 As far as attitude goes, we  have the fake smile and the just right smile.
Can people detect the difference?
Not right away, but, eventually our "true colors" show.

 Venus and Pluto in Capricorn have been with us all week.
For some of us, it has been heavy learning. For other's obsessive compulsive behaviors.
Capricorn and Pluto together bring staunch and rigid rules to the forefront. Ego, and competition being highlighted. It can be intense jealousy..intense, misguided and fierce..
I have seen it first hand.
Can you accept an other's "just" place on this earth? You will accept or not. But perhaps, your idea of happiness must change or you have to let others have it their way..
Capricorn is about aging and growing at the same time. So is Pluto really..but Pluto brings the question of sexuality and satisfaction  right now..
What do I know? I am but an observer, capturing glimpses of matching dispositions and measuring that against past experiences..

For Scorpio, the change is dramatic..
For Capricorn, there is no question of their abilities, none..cappy can take the long road and know every stone along the way..I love that..I am at this moment grateful for my Capricorn Moon.
Cappy moon  is considered to be one the most difficult in astrology. Usually these folks have a rough childhood followed by better later part of their life..
Like I said, step aside and see what passes you and realize you are still climbing..
Everyone deserves to climb with you or pass if they need to..it is cool either way, some look back at you and want to stay a while and then they are gone again..
Nothing is forever and every thing is!

I love you and thank you for reading my drivel:)

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