Wednesday, November 13, 2013

the quiet

it has been quiet. It is like we are all getting ready for the long winter here in Michigan. It got cold, very very cold, hey, to me 22 degrees is faking cold, but, I have a really good coat this year.
I have been quiet, a little bit quiet, but that doesn't mean I am not conjuring up some glorious thing or two. My plan is this for yule, I offer my gift to the gods, the heavens, the cosmos, the ouranos of life, and the actual ouranos, the sky, the star, the cluster, the so, so far away...the speed at which dark matter propels me..I am but a spec on a spec of dust!

(soap I would make)

Blue Dust

Blue spruce
Black spruce
white spruce absolute
fir absolute
templin fir
german chamomile ( a drop or two)
vetiver for me and you:)

I would have our planets in mind of course..
How can I not make things which help me to understand Uranus square Pluto? Think about them as magnets or elastic magnets changing their speed and we are a part of the same force..of course if will effect us both physically and then emotionally..Ever get shaken up for no reason at no particular time? How do you know that Mercury hasn't just decided go go a little  slower?
How can I not make something influenced my Mercury retrograde or a quick little aspect from Venus when there is already  our  intense Pluto Uranus angle/vibe?
It is basic mythology but we are making is weird, and what do I  know but to reflect t his though fats and oils...I am a fatty!
Of course, I will meet others like me, others who love the profound meaning of oils, plants, rocks, gems and every other thing that can only be made in a star, like, gold, like silver, and Uranium too!

Uranus is a planet of extremes brings new ideas that jolt us in to action. sometimes it is better to let go than to fight, Uranus makes that happen. The truth is the truth but we humans cry and carry on about our extreme needs and desires..we want more than we need, that is for sure!
Take time for sanctuary, your second sanctuary!
Let's talk about palmaroa. she has been mostly set aside for fancy oils, or for lavender instead..but as in everything, now is her time to shine. She is calm and sweet and caring and she lets you be you, like when you take her to meet vetiver and lavender topped off with a little citrusy yuzu and pink grapefruit..

I made this blend for someone, a wonderful girl from Canada where the snows are deep:)xo
Course it had aged but when I opened the bottle I had mixed a couple of weeks ago, it blew me away! I had to add a little more vetiver because I wanted  to, and it made this palmarosa vetiver essential oil blend  even smoother than before.

Did you know vetiver is anti inflammatory and relaxes lower back beautifully. The truth is that  most muggles don't like it unless it is hidden. Then. they are like, "oh, you smell so good"

 I would say that second sanctuary soap and butter are like a fine perfume, with a fine fine tenacity and a crspy palmaroa dash of scent! Plamarosa is ruled by Venus so it is a healer in all matters of the heart. Magically, palmarosa can help to over come negative emotions and  attachments that prevent one from moving on..

second sanctuary

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