Saturday, November 16, 2013

buisness and pleasure

you know, I work for a store that already sells soap. I have to always separate my business of making money so I  can work with oils and also being out there in  retail, working, selling. talking about ingredients.
That there is the wonderful thing, ingredients. I will help people in so many ways today. I will show them the butter, the cheese, the cookies the ranch, the bullion and the tea and I will take them to bakery..and then I will do again some other way.
If  someone likes handmade or more  natural than shiny packages on a shelf, I will encourage them to melt some shea butter and simply mix it with jojoba, why not! Make a cream or scrub with that fine avocado oil  in your cart!

I love reading about other's compositions, be it food  or sweet stuff, or cheese and why wine has cherry notes or cacao tastes differently from Peru..
The Peruvians, btw, are giving us some fine coffee next year and what about maca, the best thing ever!!
If you aren't using maca yet, you should try a little.
If you are very active like me and need a mental lift, try maca and if you are over 40..especially, you, just go get a small bottle of maca  from Gaia, and take one a day for a week or two and then can also buy powder and make a tea with it...
plus it is wonderful for men and women..

How I wouldn't love to stay here and organize and clean this place up some more. I feel like the season is upon us and I am very very happy at this point and time in my life.
I have prepped for some fine soap making with what looks  to be the best time lord ever and also one of my favorites, lavender oakmoss..
How wonderful is lavender and oakmoss together!
How refreshing and mossy!
Should I add a drop violet? I have some.
Or a little bit clover? Some broom?
The moon is almost full, I have been gazing at her and I know, that I am more serene now than ever before. I do not know all the reasons. I am sure they  extend far beyond my earthly measurement, beyond my dreams of what I am and who god is and why, or what..
Some saints saw glimpses, creating ideas such as "free will" and looked for answers for human suffering..why suffer..but if you think about it, it is true, free will, self control, self awareness, mind control are all religions.
Isn't the an awesome Dr Who special coming up? DT will be there and so will Rose..I am so excited all of a sudden!

Oh my God  I don't have a clue
These paradoxes are hard to construe
My mind is blown I bet yours is too
Well I guess this is Doctor Who

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