Thursday, November 28, 2013

happiness on thanksgiving day 2013 because I love cranberry sauce

Doing a load of laundry as I prep the kitchen for a big day of eating. We'll go to my moms because she still insists on cooking her way so papou can can eat at the correct time..hahaha
I don't care, I'll eat at 12 and at 3 as I never really over eat on thanksgiving..I kind of eat what I want all the time and have been known to make such feast 4 times a month..
we love sweet potatoes here..
so I get to make salad, chat with my brother, laugh, be critiqued on my shoes, one of the boys looks like a hippie, the other one like a model..all of them and their mates and kids in one room.
I will be back by 2ish with all the food yia yia prepped for us to eat and then I'll languish on my sofa all the rest of the day..

that there is a fine way to spend a day with fams..say hello, love and hug them, talk about the brilliant "walking dead" with them or listen to their favorite well written show on telly..I still want to watch the dr who special..I haven't seen it yet..I am watching "star trek" goodness! Captain Kirk, an Aries, was intense...and Spock, dude, you want to come over, you sexy gorgeous man we can watch walking dead together..(spoiler) The governor is back!
He is still stunning! Nemoy is!
Life is good..
we do not put our anger (I don't feel any) on others
we let go of the past and that has nothing to do with these people who have always been mom, always compassionate and rich beyond measure and my dad, an Aries, still very sweet in a way, his favorite thing is give us money on such days..he is an Cancer Moon type..
I'll expect nothing less today...

I hope you also have a nice thanksgiving.
There are so many things to be thankful for (soap, money, job, faking smart kids, cute ones too, nice mom, nice dad, nice fakin nice bed, nice cotton sheets, nice lavender to spray on pillow, nice, lovely, you!):))
so many real raw emotions you may have  felt with someone..these things are connections from a gut level
release release
this is the way of human gut instinct and loyalty so that it isn't  not what someone else or some other social pattern  wants you to be, but what you really want, what you really know to be true..
accept that  and happiness thrives
push it to its limit and it dies
death hurts like a dirty..wait for it...Kali! And do you really at this moment want to walk on lava??
Go to the meadow, sit by some warm sunny spot where the ground is firm and holds you and you need nothing more than that. No more friends, no more lovers, no more money, because what you feel is real, this is real, your sadness and your happiness. It is who you are.

I love you and and am very thankful today:)
Taking a rest because Mars in Libra is on the chariot needs polished, my horses fed..I want a horse!

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