Saturday, November 23, 2013

lip balms

I do not make them.
I will make some now. My daughter wants one because she reads so much and she bites her lip while reading. I find my self doing the same thing when studying something. When cold air hits already tender skin, bamm, irritation!
It is winter here in Michigan and our skin is dryer than ever.
No more moist air all hot and heat and more closed windows! One cracked window can make a whole room cold!

The lip balm will be in a pot..I am not  about to fill little tube
I am thinking
vanilla and coconut oil. Something I wouldn't mind eating if it gets in my mouth...lip embellishment eventually gets in your mouth and then your throat..

so vanilla:)
vanilla coconut to begin with..then, if I want to, I will make more:)
maybe in,

I am spinning a new web
to trap my best thoughts
I will extract the electric  juice out them
I will instinctively know what is best
I am a stealthy huntress with infinitely powerful  intent:)

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