Friday, November 8, 2013

good morning and happy friday

Hello there:)
Everything is fine and we are getting through Mercury retrograde just fine..
yes, the overspending, the constant rush of human life filled with disappointments and sadness..for some...
yes, I know, I get it too sometimes!
I bust my ass and people drain my cup too.
Well, there is plenty in my cup, isn't there!
Maybe you have plenty in yours too. You just forgot, you panicked and you got your feelings hurt..

Who cares! I know I am already amazing! You are too and that is just the is the thing that Jesus talked about when he said to leave the things of the world out  in the world..
Now the magical life..the one where we share ideas  about awesome life and awesome living..that is here, in aromatherapy, with us!

We know that jasmine wakes something profound in us and we know that vetiver makes us think of earth and we know, that lavender heals us..there are a million reasons to use frankincense and myrrh and not just for christmas cheer, but for real medicine that heals our pain..emotional pain, get myrrh, get rose, get jasmine, body pain, get frankincense, get spike lavender, get tumeric:)eat the tumeric..
I love oils, I use them in my everyday anointing and scenting of my body.
You mix an essential oil with simple olive oil, and you are ready. That is all you need really,  but we love to go further and use more varieties of oils, like grapeseed and sesame, coconut..the list is long, I want them all organic and cold pressed.
Olive oil has been used since 800 is also rich enough in stearic acid that it absorbs essential oils beautifully.
When mixed with resinous oils, it takes on a thicker more velvety texture and when mixed with citrus, lighter, more lotion like..I do use beeswax which I buy from a local vendor..
I hope you get one of the new ones:)

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