Monday, November 18, 2013

Mars In Virgo

It depends on where Mars is transiting in your chart..but think about key words for Mars and key words for Virgo

Well for Libra anything it is a challenge and a blessing.
There is the  thing that  you get to be in your head and away from the world.
you get to think of things that help people and your service to that is astounding.
You get to laugh at them too..Virgo vibes are  a bit impish!
You get to be a lotus who sits and day dreams things up
you get to clean and clean and clean..
you had better..
The Libra Mars transit is almost upon us and all through the spring and summer..back and forth it'll go..You'll be busy!
I want to really hone in one some good learning and growth opportunities with this Mars transit in Libra a commin'
Mars makes us bossy so we should watch our anger and our impatient air of self importance and Virgo men at this moment may be kind of mean and impatient..people do not dig it!
You aren't the only one suffering and they see your disdain on your face..that is some Virgo men..Virgo women, totally different, but do not even try to debate with one, she'll blow you out of the water with facts and it!
I love Virgo, what can I say!
I love their naughty side too. Virgo can wait forever for sex and then blow your mind! They are earthy and giving..Mix in a Leo type with Virgo and you have a creative idealist, perhaps obsessing on that one thing they cannot even go back and change! Stop!
Mars in Virgo is about hiding your anger..especially if you are Libra!
 For Virgo mixed with Aries, I think it may be quite interesting..big big changes and most of them easy and the man or woman you always wanted to be, is what I say!
Suppressing your arguments helps nothing..but it is sometimes better to say nothing and let things work themselves out..sometimes!

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