Saturday, November 9, 2013

gays can't get married

but you take away someones gun, it all goes to hell in a jet plane, if there were a hell and a way to get there...

Let me tell you that I hate politics but the facts are the facts..they all suck!
If you want to treat your family with natural food and hunt for food which fewer and fewer Americans ever do, fine, put it away and why do you need an AK47?  
No no , now they want a gun for "protection" and then their 4 year old kid finds it, and tragic things happen!
Obama Care..dude! Leave us alone! WTF?
That is what I, an immigrant soap maker who has no say on paper.
I do not vote or take part in rallies.
They are "them" and I  am me!
I would rather go unnoticed than have the government inoculate me and my kids according to "the law"..but it is not that way, is it?
Who makes these rules? How come gays can't get married? Why is goodness and truth so confused?

Did you know which country hate Americas most?
Pakistan..something like 80% disapproval!
Why would those misguided humans, who have dancing boys for entertainment and probably abuse them to some degree, why would those humans opinion matter to us?
I do not know.
Maybe it is isn't about allies and hated enemies so much that it is we are not friends..why do we have to be enemies?
Because without the rare minerals which we mine from that country, and many other countries, China being the one which holds most control.. our i phones would not be possible..we need to be there and make friends and set ourselves up to take more.. Nearly every item with an on-off switch contains rare earths.
Europium is a phosphor that creates a bright red on an iPhone screen. Lanthanum is used in the new hybrid batteries..There are ten pounds of lanthanum in every new Prius..
( I love the I phone, by the way)
Do you still think we fight for freedom?
Why, if we cared so much did our government not get involved in Uganda when over 300, 000 people were hacked to death, did not really much happen? That was only 20 years or so ago..
I know right!

You want to provide people with health care and then charge them $1000 a month? seriously, that sucks..
Here, let the soapie tell it..

You take half the money you make bombs with, set up clinics where well educated people go to work and train, and make it free! Pay the doctors well, very well, but make it free!!! Make University, free, make smart humans who understand science and art and logic and physics, get books back, stop controlling women!
Stop arguing and spending money on whether gays can get married and stop jailing people who grow pot, when city mayors are smoking crack and drinking beyond control..stop spending money on stupid shit! Make health care free, pay the doctors and teachers the most money and Governors less..
So, if your beloved citizens want medical health care because they have cancer from your genetically modified food, or some other poison (think about all the lawn spraying every sumer) you spewed for whatever reason, if they want to get treatment, they should walk in and get the best..
Not some fat chick behind a desk being rude because she has to type something with her long pink nails and miffed because  she missed dr oz that day..ha ha ha..
I know you have dealt with someone like that..

So far, que no me gusta Afordable Care Act!

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