Saturday, November 30, 2013

today is a lucky scorpio day

We can't get away from Scorpio lately.
We have the Moon. Mercury, Saturn and the True Node.
That makes all Scorpios pretty, even if your moon is in Scorpio, it makes you prettier.
What? Don't believe me?
Look at any one of them and see how pretty they are and how they can feel and grieve and let go too..because of that, they are prettier.

The best things for this period
fixing it
working for it
getting it from others in a surprise
getting down with goodness
looking at the past
letting go of bad habits
or not
you could let it fester
be mad
be stupid
be glad of some one's suffering
that is not you
you do what needs done and get on with it

does it feel heavy, man?
yes, it does, some days too much, being that these periods sweep away debris..and that means people too. they must be set aside now, some of them do..You simply do not have time for too many new people in your day..
Look and see where you have Scorpio in your chart. there you will see where these energies are being propelled to and from really..
I have Scorpio in the tenth house..there is a whole lot going on with me and all the tenth house, parents, status, financial all tenth house..I can do it, I am well equipped to pursue clarity in these areas. is what it is..Que Serra Serra
or however you spell we all know my texting and spelling gets more wrong with the auto correct than I do all on my own!

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