Monday, November 18, 2013

the not so sweet sweet roll and mars in Virgo, trasiting the solar 12 th house..libra sun libra rising

I got sick at work:)
They called the emergency guys for me and they wouldn't take me to the hospital because they said there was nothing vitals, were perfect he said..a bug
the flu
nux vomika
a digestive aid
Over a sweet roll and coffee and then toast with butter and about a mess of health!
I know, I ate a bunch of gluten a whole bunch, then I cam home and ate some toast with lingonberry jam I had bought while browsing at ikea..I shouldn't have gone, I had a bug up my ass about curtains! It made the day  rushed but it was ok and then the storms came..I ate the roll cold and as I recalled the package was way easy to open..
the thing is, the sugar, the coffee, the menopause, hot flashes make me nauseous..but this time I couldn't get up. The guy said, I am having an anxiety attack..ass hole, I was poisoned, I snapped at him..I thought he was a dick..I wanted them to carry me out..I am like planning for him..he probably thought, I was too bossy to be really sick!
"now, this is what we are going to do"
I walked out on my own...I thought someone should have carried me! :)
I am a very strong woman it would appear..I hadn't had my blood sugar checked in like ever..or my blood pressure..110/62
he said I had the flu or something..
I think I took something that was bad and my perfect stomach, wouldn't accept it..
That is a good thing in many ways and one reason I do not often take alcohol..a glass of wine is enough for a month for me..
I wish I could have a glass here and there!
I know now what happened and I will tell it!
I consumed lavender oil..not even a whole drop but when I poured two ounces in the container for soap, I splashed some on my mouth..I rinsed and thought nothing of it.It is lavender, and don't worry, I wear glasses when I make soap:)
It was the last thing that came out..a drop of lavender which refused to stay in my body, mixed with digestive made every cell in my body feel numb and electrified. I feel like I was tripping or that might be what tripping would be like..I was ready to give up..I am like what if I die at work?
My sweet Aries girl laughed, "you're not going to die"

Mars in Virgo

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