Friday, November 1, 2013

Let's talk Mercury

Mercury goes retrograde three times a year. Are we going to freak out every time?
Live our life in an emergency and carry on as of we are falling apart, unhinging at any moment?
I know that Uranus in  Aries can bring extremes as well.  Extreme highs and lows and extreme body emotions.
It is too much some days, yes?
Not me!
Not you!
Look, there are many reasons to review your life and say you deserve better but when you cannot  be content, how are you going to feel like you have gotten what you deserve?

Mercury retrograde may cause intense jealousy ( a form of hate), intense greed and intense sexual does not mean this is good for you though.

What is good for you during a Mercury transit is, being logical, doing one thing at  a time like all the stuff you must do..
At my house that means a mountain of folding and much dusting and also sorting though bills and paperwork..
Soapmaking? Always a pleasure. Always!
Mercury gets our creative juices flowing beautifully so if you like to write to paint of dance, this is a grand time to scheme for aromatically artistic ventures for me and something nice for you:)

Mercury makes you repeat as needed.
learn now, and learn later but you will learn..
Hopefully you have set up a nice support system for your self..if not, if you are regretting every moment and hating every night..dude, maybe it is time to take something..not prosac, a lecture on mindfullness and right living.
You will never be happy expecting others to change for you and you will never be happy placing all your emotions on that person loving you the way you like  or that job being yours..I know this..every time I have wanted something too much, I failed and every time I love what I have now, I get more..
it is an easy format to now, be happy now..
Being mindful means you are aware of reality and love yourself. You really deserve to love yourself more..but if you have found yourself in a state where it is not enough, so  much so that you cannot be sated and you should take something for a stroll through a bookshop where you glance at titles on other humans ideas.. of how they  found happiness..through suffering and letting go of the past and filling their life with amazing development..

It seems like a nice concept, letting go of the past..but it is easier said than done! people have done shitty things to us..the faks, look we all make bad mistakes..I know I have:) more than my arrogant mind would admit to!
Time makes you forget so there is always that. Time makes you remember images of that time and then you might reconcile with  yourself that you did the right thing at that moment and that you must have had your reasons for making the  mistakes you've you feel guilt and shame and need some sort of justification for freaking out ..for women, it may be about "our" man cheating, or some gal taking our job because she is prettier or younger or has a nice ass..better vigina (lol):)..for men, it becomes more complex.
Not every guy is a high, noble thinker, some still function on instinct..and the male instinct is to have as many women as possible and spread his seed..
In modern times, it is relevant in every advertisement and selling point..young sexy woman, goes with everything..rugged big thigh ed man, goes with everything woman want..
big thighs mean and the ability to satisfy woman:)

What is needed to return to our innate freedom devoid of self is a spirit and willingness not to ‘do’ something but instead to surrender the doer and all that he or she is made of and possesses back into this unknown: the Buddha within and our true nature. This surrender or giving away requires a special human quality that makes surrender possible, called humility. The cultivation of humility allows us to slowly develop the ability to hand over this conceit of self in favour of something within that is greater than "me". That ‘something’ which is mysterious, great and unknowable that can never be dragged into the dualistic world to become a possession of the self, is the challenge we face and the essence of the spiritual dimension of our practice that unites the other pillars.

have a wonderous day you glorious creatures! It is windy here and very beatuful and windy..:)lol
I love you

You think this blog is about you, don't you, don't you?

99% of the time it is about should know that..who else is there, yo?

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