Thursday, November 14, 2013

I met a girl

No, I didn't kiss her, but I made her cry.
She was already on the brink and I said something..I forget what.
When she started to cry, I asked her what was the reason for her sadness? She said her asshole lawyer husband has been really mean to her these last few months..
"what is he an aries man"
She pulled her self together and as pulled away from me,
"I'm catholic"
I said, "so what? It is all sun worship anyhow, that is all religion is!"
"ok, his birthday on April 17th"
hah ha hahaaa
I was right!
She moved in a little closer again.
She stayed and listen to me and my ideas on how to pull herself together and not be a victim just because her man is freaking out inside and she can't see it. He thinks she isn't smart enough of course, she just wants to have money and stuff  and not work..hahahaa
What did I say to her to set her in tears?
I said that pain and agony are based on desire and not getting what we want..
desire leads to sadness, then low immune system and then too much cortisol in ones bod and then they are constantly looking of that pill, (natural) or potion, or feel calm and happy..
the drugs only work for some and they realized they literally change ones chemical we search for that perfect herbal tonic which uplifts and heals our shattered thoughts..
shattered, I said!
I also told her that the divine hand of God or whatever we are is beyond catholic rules on earth..
I am sick of it, yo!
How many people did they torture in the name of Jesus? How many people did they kill during the crusades?
If Jesus allowed himself to be tortured on a cross, how was he going to care about salvaging any piece of land on earth..I am absolutely certain that he would never ever have aprooved of killing other humans for him..I am certain, 100%!
Don't tell me he did it for our sins!
Because it didn't work!
Man is still in his very early stages of evolution..don't believe me?
Look at us 100 years ago..had we any idea we would be looking at each other on our phone while we talked and chatted up?
here we are..
She will come back, because I made her feel better, and she likes that better than drugs. I gave her theanine for her low self esteem, she already had rescue remedy in her cart..
You can look at someones cart and know them..all her stuff was for her and her least she had essential oils in her basket..even though she read on some Young Living website that she should take the clove oil internally!
Oye, with the food grade business!
One drop clove oil in tea?
I do not know if I like that..but I can be stubborn..still, I am not swallowing chamomile steeped in tea, yes..oil no..same with lavender!
Like I said, I am stubborn.

have a wonderful day..where everything is going your way
because you want less and do more for others and you smile and remain calm and serene at all times..I want that for me and I hope that for you :)

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