Wednesday, November 20, 2013

back in the day

I worked at whole foods market way back in the day on Stadium, in Ann Arbor.
We had what the store still considers the code or values..
We loved good food, an alternative life style, smoked weed and ate veggie burgers.
I worked prep foods and I had my eye on one of the fish guys..he was so fucking thick I wanted to grab him,  jump on him and take him down...but I always kept my distance. he would say things and smile at me, " hi, Ana";)
I'd be like, "hi Hank"))
Hank, was his name..Hank from the fish tank, moohaaaa:)
The direction he was in was towards the left of me in the store..I looked at that guy like a quincux..of some sort..which leads to my point about Aquarius and their squares and

Which makes me think that Aquarius is being lead in many directions..
grow up face the music live a life of drudgery and too much food, no sex or still have that, take a lover and feed your spirit, or move on and be on your own again..
Do not throw away your future because you are aching for something..and familiarity leads to contempt especially when there isn't much to share as far as mental  stimulation of any sort really..that can be said about anyone, even the great exciting new people you are surrounded by now..may become too boring and perhaps not worthy of you..sorry, but that may be true..or perhaps you are there now with your mate and he is cold and uncaring..
he will face the day too
when there is more to him and you
you who energizes the room and throws ideas like a space surfer..making space dust.

There is this to consider, do what is right, not what you want... for some..but what is right is not measured by social standards!  Not for Aquarius! There is a code, Aquarius has a strong moral fiber!
You must look at what you are willing to give up in order to move on. Is it too much to carry in the long run?
Get rid of it then.
Do you want another chance to find that perfect long term companion?
That means letting go of everything you've built to this moment.
You love nice things, the best things so I say look deeper for the deeper meaning of your happiness. It won't be anything you can talk about. You will find that everything you've built until now is who you are and you are creating an imprint at each moment..don't waste energy on hurts or jealousies..they are a form of self loathing and lead you away from real goodness and..if you move too fast today, you might regret the events after November..when  certain enthusiasms will fade dramatically..


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