Sunday, November 10, 2013

let's talk mars in libra till august


That much fire in my sign Libra,  or maybe your Sun, Venus and Mercury and perhaps you might even have Jupiter or saturn in Libra! Take care now so that later you can chill out..
When Mars transits your Sun or Venus, the every day just became more intense.
I think the retrogrades will show where one should adjust one's trajectory and also I think it'll be awesome for so many reasons!
You have Pluto in Capricorn Square Uranus and it has been back and forth with extremes, now I must admit mars in Libra will come in a sweep things up! Libra can be cold and pretty much gets to the point..
Oh, you're tired and your mad or your hurt..let's sort through it!
If you are expecting for people to greet you with compassion and enthusiasm, they will but nothing is as it seems.
Virgo, next year you are going to become free of chains that have bound you for the last five years and more..I know you've been working at it and I hope that you continue with great achievements and more soap!
Libra, honey..too much honesty, yea? Focus on clarity and kindness. Others may see you as too aggressive at times.all charged up on electric life currents! Great time to work out and get your bod in better always look better naked anyhow..that there is true about every libra woman or man..
Scorpio, I am so sorry about a certain sadness in your  life.  It will teach you to make new adjustments as what  what you need and not just what you want. Making time for others may be more common next year with this Mars in Libra thing. Still, every disappointment leads to something better, especially for Scorpio, they are masters at precision..surgeons of life!
Aries, honey, this is a time to get it together and open your eyes as to what you really need and what you are really doing with your life. I know you are secretly winning and soon the world will see who you are, a major player with  excellent motor skills.
People want to follow you.
Taurus, good, you are alone for a minute..not for long..I think you will move closer to waht you love next year. You do not want to go, but you want
Cancer, your sex apeal is out of this too. I feel like you will change locations in your work.. nice one!
Gemini, your attention to detail and ability to make people feel comfy is what I love about you! Plus you are so pretty, so dang pretty!
Leo, finally, a wonderful opening, a meadow, where you can enjoy the warmth of the Sun on your back and glance at the statue of yourself in your mind. The mundane bores you, and even now, you quietly wait for the best opportunity to pounce on exactly what you want..
Sag, be sincere and everything is finally get to see how libra feels will show you that you are just as vulnerable as the rest of us..hard to believe and also true:)
Cappy, what are you a kid agian, learning new things being a child, open, like a sponge for the best things? Loving your family, doing noble things in your mind and in you physical life? Being a cook, a caretaker and a servant has many rewards when given with true awareness of is out of this world good!
What do I know, who am I a libra soapmaker woman with witchy cappy moon vibes?
Aquarius, new friends, new lovers,'ve changed! For the good. Some say aquarius gives too much to others rather than those they love..some say they are most kind and generous friends with an ability to go outside the lines.
Pisces, It is always hard to tell you about astrology. You know more than I could ever say, so I will let you tell me, show me and calm me down when I get all fired up, ready to swat someone with the end of my broom..or is that your awesome tail swating with a force that could only come from a deep swimmer of vast oceans..

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