Sunday, November 24, 2013

soap at the end of 2013

remember when I said that soap is a dirty business?
it still is because there are low fuks lurking trying to get the edge even if they might even have an inkling that you might  get in their way..

I say must be my mars in Gemini. I sometimes spew out things  and do not understand why but they are needed to be said. My mom has that ability too. My gut instincts always, 100% of the time, get it right.

There is a local soap maker here who wants to get in our shop..she called me and I kind of scolded her.."why do you use synthetic scents?"
"what's the point then of making home made soap?"
two days later...
a local gal who buys soap from me, calls me on the phone..
"so I met that local gal at the hair dresser's and she said she is in all the stores and why not you, anastasia, why not you?"
my blood pressure!!
"dude, she uses synthetics, I don't give a crap about nag champa and neither should you!"
"did you tell your buyers not to bring her in?"
'no, but I would  certainly give her and  you the facts and not care if it sliced through some one's well presented synthetic soap, we already have a boat load of soap with artificial scents, look at indigo wild, the are beautiful and half fake. I did even not tell her that I make soap!"
she got quiet, I didn't..
"I cannot control what the common shopper wants to buy..but if you ask me how to help your baby's skin because it is on fire, I will help you, you will be back because even in the retail setting I can find something to help you right now..and no, I do not want quit what I am doing right now to sell soap to stores. i'd have to invest about 25 thousand dollars to convert the garage in to a proper work environment for soap making because I,  for sure, do not want to go drive to a building to do my , dare I say, art? Craft?
I am a solitary artist and I like it.
My soap is special and not meant for the masses. Sure, I'd  like to touch 888 people next year and the year after that of course..My soap is for people who love lingering oils on their body, one here, one there, all over earth, I want to serve a nice perfectly made soap nugget and know it is from me to you. It has nothing to do with retail and all to do with self actualization..
am I an idealistic lotus eater?
lotus, sweet, deep earthy green..yum

Lotus Eater Potion
dab on the third eye
and then every where else
for amazing ideas to flow
capture the useful ones let the rest  go
remove yourself from strife
be quiet
instinctively knowing what is next
doing your best
do what you love and do not  concern yourself with anyone else
you are fine right now

you are safe and warm and clean because there is always a nice potion nearby:)

white lotus absolute
one drop ambrette seed co2
jasmine sambac
jasmine grandifolium
one drop sandalwood rare
1/4 ounce beeswax
1/2 cup sweet fruity olive oil (organic if you can)

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