Sunday, November 3, 2013

vita mix

At 550.00, it is a little steep for one of these beauties. I want one or three! 
I like the fine grind that  I get in grains with this machine and certain difficult items like blending lemon balm with coconut oil until it becomes a sauce, a smooth cream with out any particulates. 
The girl that does demos for Vita Mix is so awesome. She is from Georgia and lives here with her two older kids, and they do her bidding. they are all so pretty! I mean her voice! Like a black swan, gliding effortlessly on water on a sunny day..
I only drink her samples..not that other dude's that came the last time....he looked like 70's porn star with his dyed black hair.. I wouldn't touch that guy's tortilla soup, like ever!  ha!:)
Every demo is the same..same recipe, same drink so that people can learn to do it fast and easy and it is good for you..I would want it for the grind on grains.
I like the lime, spinach kale thing and the frozen thing, which always hurts my nose. 
They have Vita Mix demos everywhere now. You could check it out. It is a nice way to get your body refreshed when you are achy. It perks you up.. mostly we should always eat good fresh raw food as snacks. If you need to eat cake so bad after a whole apple, go ahead. I love whole fruit, usually, but we are in modern times, if kale is something that I can use as a supplement  for good health and it tastes like nothing in a  drink, then why not?
I can eat 4 organic bananas in one day and an apple and an orange and then pass on heavy cakes for days! If there is a fried bread thing around, I will eat it and be ok with that! 

what should I eat?
eat an apple
but it has sugar
but an apple  has so much more
like pectin
like malic acid and 
like crisp juicy wetness in your mouth
eat two apples from here in Michigan, they are so good this year, you bite in to one  and it explodes flavor inwardly!

apple doughnuts

3 cups flour
2 fresh eggs
1 teaspoon butter
dash salt
2 table spoons raw sugar
1 teaspoon yeast
2 cups water, warmish..
1 golden apple, chopped finely
mix until it is a loose paste
add chai spice mix
or if you have only cinnamon, put that in
some vanilla if you like

now let that sit for an hour until it doubles in size
after that take a spoon and bring it back down and start adding flour (about a cup or so) and mix until you get a firm light dough
roll that out and make a square
cut in manageable nuggets which you will deep fry and dust with powdered sugar or nothing.. they are so good!
You can also bake this slowly and have it as a bread and butter snack! 
Doesn't that sound wonderful right now?

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