Saturday, November 2, 2013

13 followers and the original coven of ours lol

There are 13 followers at anastasia's ideas. There have been 13 followers for two years now.. but there are many, many visitors, not every day but more and more show up and read my
I love myth in astrology, what? lol And  I spell things wrong because my spell checker thinks for me and I spell wrongly because my fingers are too rough and fat for these gadgets!:0))
We are a coven, those of us here..I don't even know who you are but I want to tell you that, I know who you are. You love astrology love the emotional aspects of loving for real. You're hurting at times at the fuckers of the world who hurt and scheme and lie to satisfy their greed and in noble actions, their heinous jealousy, their hatred of each other and their compassion for human kind lost somewhere on a computer screen..
The modern world has its creation a hundred years, humans will travel to Enceledus( there is warm water under all the rock and ice on Enceledus) or see Titan up close, or like when The Doctor, my time lord, went to see the sapphire waterfalls and that creature got in the space shuttle and took peoples mind over by mimicking their thoughts and making them was invisible to the eye..some sort of parasite..but super fast and smart..
What? You think it is a crazy notion? Look at Candida..a bacteria living in us right now!
Maybe we should stay here and be agrarian again and stop trying to know space, we are so young in our evolution when you think about billions of years of continual  change and constant expansion..who knows what we will turn into in a million years? Humans have really been here only a million and half years, out of the 5 billion years that earth has been here..I know, it is so big!
One idea I have is when humans start to go to a star like a white dwarf and harness diamond energy from that deeply compressed carbon, and what ever else is in there we have yet to understand, then there will be an accelerated growth period of technology and new awareness of our species..what are we, who are and is something out there making all this happen or are some  just hoping there is?

The great saints and yogis knew of something greater, but couldn't describe it..hell being probably an exploding star somewhere which they dreamed of as the devil and bad suffering..if god were really what we wanted him to be, he would fix it so we didn't have adrenalin and testosterone coursing though our juicy meat suit, because that makes humans aggressive and the need to kill is modern times it gets illustrated in video games, and movies..
look at breaking bad and walking dead..survival is survival!

Speaking of which, I just saw the ending of Breaking show was so so good, so emotional and so on the spot when a family is living with a psychopath who "loves" is family..I have been there..some of you have too. Life is not sweet and perfect when your family or friend  is gone to the dark side. Me, I like things sweet and dandy. For others, a deeply intense growth period is underway as you read this...Pluto in Capricorn and all that, we speak of Mercury and then we forget that there is a deeper cause for misfortune and sadness) and a deeper root to success as a human because you are harnessing nobility, education and objective kindness toward people..
At my home right now, everything is quiet and yesterday we studied, and I got to learn about how diabetes was developed because of the ice age..which was beautifully illustrated by using ice wine as an example..
if a grape goes to freezing in it makes sugar and releases water weight..
the cold makes us  want to pee more and brings our sugars up..
eat more salad,  eat an apple and eat another one..they are so good right now!

Breaking Bad, yo! They all thought they could mess around with Walter but, he is too smart, and backed against a wall.. brilliant, Pisces, deep voiced, smart and dying already so he chose the dark side.
The myth is the same as in any other myth..
the fool
call to action
belly of the whale

or something like Joseph Campbell, he can tell better than me!

have a wonderful day, I love you, smile at me right now!!

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