Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Jupiter in Cancer

i only mention it because i thought you should know Jupiter is in Cancer and yes it is great for loving your momma, your home and your bed..but it is also going to and has made some very significant connections with Pluto and Uranus..
It has been all or nothing for a while now..
Mercury being retrograde has sort of put us all in a lull after a big row with  someone or other..but that should not make us forget the next wave of energy.
it is innovative and honest for sure and if some of you have been waiting for a chance to shine and it has seemed like you are in a cocoon still transforming, well there is big change, big..
For sure you will have to act some how. you will be changing or someone you are near all the time is changing..maybe both of you.
Aries moon peeps, your emotions might propel you in to making bad decisions or should I say rash?
It is ok and it is what it is with Aries..I have to say, they are loyal when it counts!
Jupiter in Cancer makes us want to fix our home and make a home. For women the urges to make a nice home are strong during Jupiter in Cancer..I say women, it might be men too..I am a woman so I relate to what women want and need.
Ask, for what you want and say the truth..I know it may hurt someones feelings but if you say it nicely, they will get it..if you are mean and nasty, people will see it on your face..
there are genuine chemicals released during happiness which triggers eye muscles..you can't fake that..people react to your face..in my line of work, that is important..
And Jupiter in Cancer is also about work, and taking on more, proving your are worthy and enthusiastic about what you do..
It is a refection of who you are..everything you touch becomes energized with invisible electrons and whatnot!
I'll stop for now, for now...have a wonderful day:)

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