Sunday, December 29, 2013

Capricorn Heavens

Time to shine a light on you beautiful! I have to tell you that you are awesome for sure and that I like you very much and if you were near me right now I  would grab your face you creature of brilliant luminous light!
I like your words too and I like you. Are you so powerful right now?
Do you have a seriously heavy vibe going where nothing is going to stop your reality, the way you forged your path so deeply in to the soft pillowy hills and valleys, in your minds deep crevasses and spongy hidden places, like caves where hidden treasure lies, things you had put away for a surprise later. Your higher mind already protecting and guiding you for your future..
Yes, there may be burdens now, things only  you can fix. you are the one we lean on for the facts and a brisk push forward. no mercy!
Your hidden tail, quickly smacking away debris with one flick!
I like you!

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