Saturday, December 28, 2013

last years days and nights

In 2013,
I woke up every day and I thought how lovely it would be
to mix some lemon and some sweet ass neroli
To have and work with the best olive oils ever..brags unfilltered organic..amazing..
I made time lord and old whore this year and I made labdanum black spruce and fir remember that one?
I made some potions, the pluto one kicks ass!
I made some calendulla infusions and I made some herbal tinctures for myself and friends, I made some new friends I have never met:)
I haven't any enemies I am a friend to all, I know that..

I worked:)

I made more old whore and I made her perfume, that one time I know I put too much smoke in there and it may have freaked some one out..they never said anything so I won't worry..
about a dab, no more..
I made some bread now and again and made soap with a friend for the first time ever..
You know I practice alone.
I made dirt, organic dirt
I have a ton of seeds of tall calendulas for next year
The little critters got in my sunflower seed stash and ate the whole thing man! I kicked them out!
haha one of my boys helped me out with that..sons yo, they do for momma!
I have wormwood and lavender out there, i will put more out next year. The grapes and apple trees and apricot and linden too.
I feel like I am a proper crone ~ crone phase it is my sweetie I say to me.
I know things, I do not know how I know, it must be my smart wonderful family and friends then because things come out of me..
I am seeing that we are meant to be here, we've always meant to be here
we are a result of some great force..I mean seriously who can explain the big bang without asking, "where  did that concentrated energy which is still expanding come come?"
Astrophysicists now  think it happens all the time and that our universe is one of many..can we even imagine this?
Why not then? It so happens that it wasn't even one thousand years ago humans thought the world was flat!
But back to me and my best things ever last year, :):)
I am smarter this year, way way smarter..and as a woman of high minded knowledge, fortitude, I will accept my boons for those things.
What if next year I get in to a couple more shops, hey?
I don't know..fear..worry... what if my labels or my words..the picture is wrong..whah!!
The label is fine. It is clean and easily unwrapped. I like the way I fold the paper. I adore to do this!
It  is my pleasure to fold each corner and I know do this well.
So I look at 2014 brightly from here. I am standing on  a far away hill at the moment..looking at  my bright  future kundalini thoughts burning with reasons to explore, expand and skillfully present herself through my hands..
I am looking at valleys where flowers explode each spring and some high mountains way out there too, some must be climbed if your are goat or something..i am a goat..with steel sword is  always polished and always ready to do what is it  made for..truth..the sword is always truth! that is why air signs can't  lie, ha!
we shall rest at the moment, my libra sword and I..

lets do some cool astro thoughts next..and see what we can conjure up for you too:)

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