Wednesday, December 18, 2013

walking easily through my day

I hope you are too
I hope that you took a shower with my old whore soap or one of the others and thought of yourself being somewhere nice, somewhere comfortable and somewhere sexy and are all those things already!
I love this! I love the way a man smells with vetiver and lime after a shower and I love neroli anytime but mostly now, in is just so good! Isn't it nice to come out of your bathroom transformed a little?
Your hands and bod with lingering scent and later you get a glint of yourself, the animal, having developed a scent all your own..with hints of tobacco, smoke or a citrus grove, later perhaps the fir reward..balsam fir, that is!
Do you know that when you use essential oils, your whole world is  more aware, more in touch with your best things? All true!
My favorite soap a this moment  is a jasmine frankincense soap I threw together. I could try describe the effects of this on my skin and my senses..jasmine being  calming and soothing to the heart, the mind and ones core  forces of mind. jasmine to me is isis, and lakshmi, the high priestess and me this week:)

frankincense is always there helping your tender parts.

Speaking of frankincense..and why we all need it, boswellic acid, oh..relieves pain, inflammation, kidney tonic, skin care extraordinaire, lung tonic, adrenal support, liver tonic..

I forgive myself for my mistakes, first off.
And I'll forgive you..what ever it takes
I can observe the world without saying a word
my will strong and worthy
my bones secure and sturdy..carrying me easily through my day and I hope this for you  and goodness, gratitude  and joy this season to your and yours..really!

have a wonderful day


  1. I love your blog and I nominated you for a Very Inspiring Blogger Award:

  2. thank you:)
    That is very very nice!
    Even when I called Shelly Duvall, Shelly Winters?