Monday, December 30, 2013

Just around the corner

traditions of the new year are awesome..
lets think clear, transparent, kind and furiously in love with kindness!
lets infuse our hands with regenerating energy and we pay that forward to the next guy
that means we ourselves have enough too
we are not marters, that is the old way to think
the new way is,
"all for us"

There is no doubt, that you have to be at the right place at the right time, but what if you make that place in time, years before..your higher mind already prepped you for this moment??
I think so!
And certainly your wouldn't cheat yourself by doing bad things to yourself!
That is crazy right?

If ever there was a time to think about what the planets are doing, it'll be now. We have a whole lot of electric magnetic and otherwise mythological energy going on.

Pluto in Capricorn
Uranus in Aries
Mars in Libra

Mars Pluto, is all about health, well being and cleaning
Mars Uranus is about steel, get a new knife, adventure, leading
name calling fighting
You have Pluto in Capricorn, Pluto will not have this  and so, everyone is subdued once again..mars in Libra can be watch it!
Libra /Capricorn is good for understanding authority and what  it needs to be fed
Mars/Pluto is always a shaker upper, sometimes violent..thank goodness Libra, is here to sort of sort through it and say the truth..
lesson here for all of us,
don't be an ass hole just because you can
people remember that
I forgive you
I always will
but muggles

For now though, the new moon.. is to remember how smart we've become. we can and must look at ourselves and be the best we can be. Here is the secret, you do not have to tell everyone. the more discipline you show in that respect, the easier it'll be for you in the end. It is the hardest thing to not have to justify yourself! It is human, to allow for comrades to become intimate and allow for justification of behaviors..
Uranus in Aries brings skill, new technologies, each of us being at the beginning of a project, learning, growing, and having become awesome! I hope that we will embrace our lives as if they were a space, yo..gooooolllldddd......

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