Tuesday, December 24, 2013

pan caking

I am teaching my young grand son, sword fighting:)
He is a video expert like his dad and always does these moves that aren't real but look great in animation..
'That is it, boy!"
"What, mom?' He calls me, "mom 2".
"Those moves don't work, boy, now it is time you learn the basic 5!"
 He is good and already gets bored because the moves aren't flashy enough..no, I keep at him, I swat, I round house him and I slice him, he wants to get me but unless he gets the technique, he cannot.."common, one, two, three, four, five.."
I feel like we could get in to a rhythm and practice discipline! . Mars in Libra! I am a Libran!
So I made these swords with packing material and tape. We already killed one so today, I'll make another better one with colored duct tape, he'll love that!
"You lack discipline, young one"
"No, I don't lack discipline"
"let's have pan cakes!"

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