Monday, December 16, 2013

white sage soap with cedarwood oils

white sage soap with lavender buds and cedarwood oils

I only used a little bit dry sage and some dry lavender flowers which I ground super fine.
I can't hardly wait to use this, as I have been craving white sage oil for weeks.
I smells like what you think it would smell like..cedarwood and crisp sage.

As a Libran, I must say, sage is all about truth, clarity and self awareness.
Knowing your mind, knowing the right way, and saying it without emotional attachment..

Jasmine Frankincense Soap
This one is just so good for me right now..maybe you too. It is all my jasmine together with a healthy shot of frankincense, Somalia..
I had rose de mai concrete from Eden and here, I  mixed it with jasmine sambac, jasmine grandiflium from both Egypt and India.
You get frankincense right off, peppery, hot, citrus, and then you get jasmine, right there now..soft, silky, royal anointing for a graceful high thinking human..
skin soft

Eleneetha's Shop
I am shipping all week so that you might like to give a soap bar as a gift..

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