Friday, December 13, 2013

the shining

I feel like Shelly Duvall  in The Shining, with the tights and the long cotton tunic and the big robe on top and the green Ugg boots and my eyes still coal lined from last night.
I went to office holiday party at a worley ball place. It was a costume event and I went as Cher and no one got it! lol Mostly because I looked nothing like Cher. I did take an hour to flatten my hair though. they are like, "oh, look at you!"
Remember Cher, her eyes back in the, dare I ask, 70's?
She was wearing Revlon then and I was just hitting my teens. I loved her eyes! I would get all the Revlon eye make up and make my eyes like hers. I thought foundation was the best thing ever! I still love a nice foundation. Right now I am wearing Mineral Fussion's warm basic foundation. I wear it at work only and then when home, I wear a little balm and that is all.
It is lovely to  let your skin breath and speaking of which, Evan Healy's Rose hydrosol is the best thing in any health store apothecary..every other thing is a step down as far as toner, refresher, hair tonic, and even in private pink areas, offers cooling gentle healing!
That is if you do not have a source on line and just happen to be out and here you are at Whole Foods and what do you do? Not buy it? You need rose hydrosol, you just do! How else are you going to work your oils in to your skin?
Rose is so healing, and we forget that!
She is the queen, the queen of flowers!
She is never, not one time, the same and yet she is, she is always rose, sweet, like apples and high in nutrients which have yet to be understood..
she is cooling
anti inflammatory
helps digestion
opens the heart for forgiving
leaves the past behind her because each year she knows she's as beautiful as ever

I am mixing her with vetiver and activated charcoal in Dark Matter Black Madonna Soap! Just awesome really!
I think you should have one!
I will include one free sample of organic rose  rose hydrosol with each order of black soap from my etsy shop!
anastasia'a etsy shop

I  hope you have a wonderful day which by the way, the black soap is a bigger cut and sure to bring goodness and joy to any beautiful bod!

Sorry I said Shelly Winters before, I have since corrected that little among many of mine:):)! HAHAHA LOL

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