Sunday, December 22, 2013


So funny!
Would you try it? I would have in my teens. I am sure of it. I want to try it now, but my body won't move that fast (for too long) hahahaaaa
For years now, I have only listened to Sanskrit chants and it has been good..I have learned many Sanskrit mantras and feel like I could join in if there were a group chanting..but now, I have teens, we listen to their music, JZ and Eminem..The other day, I recited a song to my girl and she was shocked and a little cute!
"I like that young man, Eminem,  he makes nice poetry!"
"Mom, he is forty now, really?"

Happy Solstice!
It has rained for two days here and it is cold and wet. Good day for soup and a nice show.
 No stressing about money and having stuff..or not having the right is what you do all year that counts  everyday, the things you say
the thoughts you weave
your movements and voice you conceive
your one man show
your heart
is it icy or does it glow with fervent fire
for truth
wisdom to see the right way
taking it day by day

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