Wednesday, December 11, 2013

sun moon mercury and uranus in a wonderful blend

of great vibes mixed with new ideas and effervescent response to them.
This is the best time to really clean up your act and get busy doing good for yourself and for others.
So what things haven't gone your way before, this is now and this is who you are now!
You are smart and funny and sweet and I love you..
yes you babe!

Now is the time to learn about how to deal with all your past negociations and realize that you are awesome, now! You have made mistakes, you have let people down, they have totally fucked you over and you are blessed from things like that..not the other way. Everything is learning and this week is the best time to learn and remember the future, not the past..
you can realize your goals, your ideas are melding in a palatable lovely arangement and they are so vibrant!
I hope you have a wonderful day..

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