Monday, December 16, 2013

everything about christmas reminds me

of the past
of  snow and me skating all winter..
One time, a boy, Jimmy Hutchinson asked me if I wanted to skate the Hynes River with him  for a few miles and I did. I barely spoke English, I was 12, but I skated like the wind, girls would go, they said it was cold, but I would bundle up, wrap up and put on the gear and skate till dark.
I still have a scar from when I fell really hard on my thigh from trying a spin..
Spinning isn't for me I thought and that scar is still there after all these years.

We are heading into a doozy of a full moon.
the truth always comes out during this time and 'this" time is no exception, more for some that others who have gone too far in some way or another..
you know, gone too far in complaining where it becomes a violent rant, or meanness, or one's lazy withdrawal from the work force..too far...
people get to notice when you go too far..and then they get is that way at work and home really.
I think we've all carried something too far, yes?

The full moon also brings you in to clean up mode. I think we are all making everything nice..we sang with the youngun, the twelve days of christmas..hahaaa
They ate many birds back then is all I can say. I mean a goose is huge..and when your are starving from lack of fruit, looks pretty awesome. they didn't have bananas or oranges as regularly 300 or 400 hundred years ago.
I explained to my girl that early man didn't know from baby jesus but saw that the sun just started peeking over the horizon and soon he could bathe without freezing cockey..

have a wonderful day

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