Friday, December 27, 2013

"do you know why they gave frankincense to jesus"

a beloved christian family member asked me on christmas..
"Because it was medicine back then as it is now?"
"Why then, my sweetie?"
"because they would embalm king's body's with it back in the day." "It was only meant for kings"
I was waiting for him to start spewing out about how Jesus was a king..he didn't..
In England they sodomised a king for being gay and yes he may have been a total ass hole but they did it because , well, they were still barbaric like we are still barbaric about orcas in captivity at sea they did it because they said Jesus must have been a king who hates gays and they killed him brutally..It was one of the Edwards! Brutal fuks!
I tell my mom and no one else in the angelopoulos family,  that it isn't like that. If only people would  ponder on his teachings.  I know that we expect something from. god. We all do.
What do we really expect from him, or Buddha, or yogananda or sri yukteswar..
Why are we drawn to gurus who have powers to cleanse us of our sorrow? Because we have been told that the church, jesus, god, even gandhi, listen and helps us! If that is so, they would all have shown up sometimes..many times while humans killed and pillaged the earth..listen, when all the trees are gone and the fish die..that is bad!
Also intelligent must mean, mean! Predators..can you imagine how some intelligent life may have formed on other earths? I somehow do not think they would welcome new arrivals pleasantly!

You are literally stardust, made of phosphorus, magnesium, carbon and you are a higher thinking life form. Isn't that enough? Now you want god to save you from evil too?
 I mean think about that..when a huge star goes super nova and spews out dust of you all over so much space, your brain, higher that it may be, your brain, has to make numbers and letters to show the distance involved!
Are we more special? Was Jesus on every planet like ours, suffering for sins?
Trillions of them just in this Galaxy? Us being one of the trillions?
I think next year will show us many things about  other  planets in our neighborhood..
Voyager is out of our solar system and traveling out in the milky way and taking pictures.
Soon we will send out an intelligent computer to explore  earth like planets..our children get to enjoy the fruits of that labor..
I think then, we will see that these myths are just stories, like Zues, like Mythra, like Jesus..nothing  actually happened the way  they say. they make shit up all the all I am saying..and how come humans kill all the guys who tell us to do things the right way..

While Uranus is in Aries, we will as a human race start to think about what is right. Corporations that pollute the earth must be dissolved! Think about how much garbage we put in our water, our waste, our chemical cleaners or grass fertilizers..Pluto involved will tear us down, make us cry, rip  us apart, weaken us and make us face in anyhow!
I know the planets are are a part of me. My star system and yours..which formed over 5 billion years ago, then it exploded and then made our sun and our sun made us, our planets..we are all a family each planet having become a apart of us..yes i would make archetypes about that! That is why astrology is so much fun, hey!
:) eeii..snow makes me talk like from the north, eeii:)

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