Sunday, December 29, 2013

muggles and their ways

look, I just do not see the point of spending money raspberry vanilla scented bath products, even if they are phalate free
i think it is interesting that we can scream about gmo this and organic that and then go ahead and say that synthetic fragrances are ok. as long as they are organic or some crap thing..
See how we are, humans!

The thing is, most people do want the best things. But some just want liquid soap. I want to change habbits of humans to apreciate good fats on their skin!! Does that make me a zealot? Should I be watching dactah ahhz?
you have to say it that way..he has a type, he does. ususally an overweight woman worrying about 60% of some crap that isn't going to work!
I look at it this way, 100 month on me..I will need the basics...
shea butter
jojoba oil
rose hydro
silly diet pill which is dried fruit and says 60%?? no..that cuts in to my jojoba habit, plus now it is winter, time for sesame it!
have a wonderful day and take some elderberry please, there is a nasty little critter going around reaking havic!

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