Friday, December 20, 2013

on the 12 days of saturnalia of which this is day 3

There has been some  dialog at at work about Christmas songs and how we must play them..I haven't said anything one way or another because I love all music.. "Ayia Nighta","oh Christmas Tree", they are all fun happy little tunes...
Of course, we shouldn't , they are dated and hurt people's feelings..we know that Mary was not really a virgin and it is myth, right? As a matter of fact, according to orthodox church teachings, she had more children after Jesus and yet in the Roman Catholic Creed, it states that she was and remained a virgin.
Church goers recite that every Sunday like good little soldiers in line or else. They even honor their Roman king Pontius Pilot for doing the deed in the end..
Oops..we are speaking about his birth, Jesus and silent night..he wasn't born during exactly on this day..we do not have a day..we just want to make one so that we can celebrate the most powerful and sacred night on earth together all at once.... that there is silent inght
holy night
all is calm
nia nia nia

Maybe Mary,  she had  leave town because they would likely have stoned her..they still do in some of those regions on earth.
Questions I would ask if I were Mary's momma..
"An angel made you pregnant? Oh, Joseph and you are just friends, I don't think so! That guy is 30 years older than you, why is he sniffing around here all the time? Mary!!!
Mary's mom may have said things like,
Cool, you can go over his house and milk his goats and if he wants to marry you, you should, because that guy is gorgeous, and he doesn't smell too many goats has he got now?"

The Romans killed Jesus and then continued to do the same to  many others  for many years after Jesus, and then converted their own Saturnalia in to Christmas, also noted are the pagan sabots of Yule where we honor the Sun on The Longest night of the year..
So that all the people could still celebrate...I think, as I look back on my church teachings, it was Peter and the early dudes that spread the word about enlightenment through love and concentration on goodness, forgiveness, kindness, laughter, all  the right reason for happiness.they would sneak  in caves and such, because the Romans would kill them too. It wasn't The Jews that were after them, it was the Roman soldiers.
As I see it, the evolution of man is still so early and in two thousand years or so we've come a long way from killing each  other for not agreeing with each other...

Love truth, but pardon error. -Voltaire, philosopher and writer (1694-1778) 

Paul himself was a Roman soldier for a while until he saw the light. These stories after  thousands years have changed so much that now Jesus is white and Santa's  brown..and it is still fun. I like the snow and my kids all coming home and everyone eating a nice meal..I love that:)
Why would God want you to mutilate your baby for him? That is just not right!
but as usual I digress..
don't get me wrong, I love Christmas because the natural chemicals in my  brain anticipate something wonderful when the sun starts to show again..
I guess that makes me a Sun worshiper!
Our Star, The Sun made us, maybe that burning star has more awareness of something divine than I do..that is for sure one way to see god.
So why do we pretend so much about Christ? Why do we note when a president bows in the enemies temple? A high thinker bows before entering any ones home. I mean, you do not make a show of it like a peacock, but yes a light bow is a show of honor.
Of course he would bow, we bow to the stone..yogananda said to honor the most simple things like a sacred rock which millions had energized  with their meditations because everything is electricity/magnetism and made by our star, our perfect medium sized burning life giver!
I am thankful that I exist. I exist because of that one thing right there and when was that made? When another star bigger and hotter exploded and from that debris, I am here..
It is big! I know!

But speaking of Yogananda,
he started an ashram in California, and he trained certain flowers his techniques on meditation and finding peace with self realization and that if you close your eyes and focus, you will see god.
His teaching still remain as sacred pathways to being a yogi..After he died and they made a big deal about his body not rotting..which is cool or not, I am not sure, I mean he was still dead in there, how long are you going to keep that meat suit around? After he passed, it wasn't the same. The local temple here in Detroit, changed. and  one disciple started his own thing and then they fought over who had the legal right to teach Krya yoga.. the answer is, everyone! You do not own god, shut up! lol I am gonna  go do Krya right now!

Yogananda was awesome and I suppose there was a time, I may have visited the ashram in Encinitas and I know the current yogini running the place is very saintly and feels good to sit next to someone who meditates and sings high vibration chants all triayam bacum yaja ma he..

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