Tuesday, December 24, 2013

better to enjoy the season

than to not
what are you an angry atheist (godless))) vegan? lol :)
 I guess when you add "anger"  to anything, it goes sour!
You walk in a room where people are jingling and must point out about how it isn't real  and that the man has fooled you the whole time?
Course not! You find yourself bouncing along..
Later in a more intimate setting you could point out that it is all silly nonsense..but is it? The whole planet is about to move on, through the year, the century, with time!
In Greece in the olden days as a child in a village no bigger than downtown Livonia, we had feasts on christmas. We had to go to church and we ate cookies and ate all sorts of good bread and cheese my mom and yia yia would have made. The women of my village would take pride in their dough. My mom does this fermented chick pea bread in winter that is a tradition of Proti, Florinis, Greece..
They also seem to cook like Escoffier, making brown sauce like you've never had! I learned that from my mom. I can turn flour into an art in a gravy..
We would make a butter sweet dough and put apricot and prune inside and bake that.
Rugala..so good with a  cream cheese dough..I will make that today.
They had lard and duck fat just like the French did which shows that we are not so different..Europeans!

The cook house was comfy and my yia yias domain. I helped her make dough on a big wooden table. I am sure it is gone now, but lately, I think about it and  can remember details. Like where the water came in from the spring and where she had lined up clay water vessels filled with drinking water which she said we were to drink that and not to drink  what comes from the faucet..my younger aunts, fanitsa, niki and zoe would fetch water from a nearby spring..
My yia yia would cook duck now and again. I have never had the likes of which, to this day.
 My childhood memory of this is that lovely..she was a master at plucking feathers, her hands deftly working and her mind in tune with her task,,I am sure she had never read a book (in fact she learned to read when I did in grade school) She really didn't think like we do today or if she understood the moon or why the sun, or who am I..she just didn't think about this. She did as she was told by her priest father and her priest grandfather before him.  She would have not really cared at all as there was so much to be done before the sun went down and we woul all came in and warmed by the fire and she would on the coldest nights, when the men came in from tending to animals and such, she would mix whiskey with honey and heat it until it started fire and she would pour shots for all to drink, We all got some. It was hot and sweet and made your whole body warm and you knew you were safe. Where a sprinkle of cinnamon was an amazing experience and always special. I was a pig for cinnamon on rice pudding. Now, I only like cinnamon in winter and really not so much when it is hot outside..
But, honey, it's cold outside!

you can choose any filling you like, i will go apricot and prune and maybe a few few chocolae filled ones:)

  • Dough:
  • 8 ounces (2 sticks) softened unsalted butter
  • 1 (8-ounce) softened cream cheese
  • 2 cups all-purpose flour
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt

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