Wednesday, December 4, 2013

stress and anxiety

lately people with depression are coming in more and more to ask for anything that might make them feel better because they want to get off the drugs.
there is nothing that will make you feel like the drugs..not lemon balm and not gaba..not phosphtidal serene and not st john's wort..
a little bit, yes..
but drugs cover the problem so well that  you do not even have to face it..

So, my question is this,
Why not focus on what is making you so upset?
We know that the root of all sadness is not getting what your heart wants..
but when you are all day in an emergency mode and a total jerk to everyone, we all have to ask..what is it that will make you happy, for good?
You want to get married, you want more money, you are sad because your penis is not as big as the last guys, or that your tootoo is too big.. ::)
or that your belly isn't flat or that your lips are not pouty enough..
it is always something isn't it?
Women in their fifties are sad because their husbands or boyfriends want 20 year olds..
the outside world is a frenzy of "too much and not enough"
I wonder if it is because we have so much that we have time to dwell on wanting more and more that some are willing to do anything it takes to feel better.
and most of the time, it is because someone doesn't love us enough!

I love myself enough!
Everything else follows that:)

have a wonderful day

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