Friday, December 27, 2013

too much talk about religion and my three best things

alright, I will shut up about jesus!!
I can't help is everywhere, this lie that expects too much of all of us! I mean it is ridiculous, really, jesus walking on water..perhaps a saying of the day may have been  like, "he's so smooth, that it's like  he  can walk on water.."

Today I worked after a three day rest and the flu and I made it and all is well.
I have just  bathed with neroli and frankincense and sea salt to shed my days worries and fears.
I helped someone deeply and thoroughly. I felt the connection and I worked on  her hands.
the dummy!
She got a chemical burn from a tanning salon she had been going to! They told her at another health store that she was having a reaction from too much die off from the  kefer she had been drinking! I said, " no, sweetie, that there is chemical burn all day from the sanitizer they spray on the light bed thing..and then you fried it into your flesh" I did not over react..but inside I felt dreary for her! You do not get a rash n your nipples from too much fermented milk, no!
I sprayed rose hydrosol on her (evan healy) and then put on a gentle bee balm with propolis..her skin, so dry and wrecked became plump again but still red and hurt! She told me.  "you are really something, really something." I liked it:) when she said that.
I hope she doesn't go back to those things again!

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