Saturday, December 21, 2013

Happy Yule to you and happy new year and happy christmass too

Everyone is here on earth safe for the most part if you don't think too much about it.
I for one would like us all to all consider our lives and where we can fix or get better at something.
I mean for me, it would be nice to come home and not greet like 20 people who came over..yes, they are all sweet and yesterday, I walk in and I was told to hush because "someone" is
'who the fac is napping in my house baby"
one of my boys is "the soother"
"now mom..."
I noticed the person napping isn't here this morn..I mean I  feel bad when I say the truth too loudly..I have a voice. I want everyone to love me so I put up with a whole lot. :) and something real and sword like  just comes out of me!

I feel so good though.
Even in this small event I had to pursue as a parent.
There are many things I can improve on this next season. One thing I can do right now is intend my desires, my plans, my prep, my awesome soaps.. and become a woman of my word and with out fear..and always strive to do my best with skill and excellence...:)

For example, at work, I am now in a position to work in areas I had been avoiding. like it or not, I am an introvert.
I am not really a merchandiser as much as I want people to want  to look at my displays. In a business when people come in knowing what they want, I have to tell you that it take art to take them away from their goal for them to invest a minute on a scarf or a cup..I aim to make it  my best thing in 2014..I think everything we touch has energy and when we touch it and smile or something it makes it more attractive to people.and we do have amazing scarves at my store!

You know me, a libra, who one of her best things is memory..what a freak I am and since I have lived a long time, I remember weird things and then knowing smart people who teach me, like my friend agnishka, or my beloved Tonie and now some of my new ladies like barbara, lisa, elisa and jeez so many new amazing creative, faqing smart people..connie, debi my val, my steven my stephan my robbie my sweet sweet emilies my jason my sarah my boy tommy and my sweet one noodle boy alex and my jonny and john and my beloved george and papapu and yia yia and michelle and the other scorpio gal evoo:)the new super aquarians rolling in like nick and that girl dora and even that actor dude too.omg my mystic and liz green..who's insights in to the phyche and myth is astounding to me!

My life is nice and yours is too.  We have information at our finger tips and we have a nice warm house in which to take comfort in and yes, there are areas in which we will be electrified, mesmerized, hypnotized and transfixed..
Uranus in Aries opposite Mars in Libra..oye!!
Maybe we should think about that for a minute.                                                                                           .
You are special and you are not special enough may be a theme!
Libra's desire to please highlighted by Mars and Uranus here  to shake things up where it is never satisfying enough in Aries..for everyone, not just Aries..
I think Aries people maybe the ones we should look at here, sure but the rest of us,  because of our  need to feel loved and this  seeming  to be the hardest to get or give love because  there is an  unfulfilled vibe somehow creating barriers..
it isn't real!
You may be nurturing sadness because it is so dark and dreary and your brain is making you think things..and endings make us sad somehow. one day closer to death and all that stuff we really have no control over.
Remember, that everything is what it is and you are in control of your day.

thank you for being my friend:)

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