Thursday, December 19, 2013

taking care of business

I will prepare one of my bigger orders today and make some creams and drive kids to their thingies.
It is a mommas life..I have been training my my mind to like certain chores of motherhood in ways that I think are working..
one being, I say that I like washing dishes, my dishes and I love washing clothes and folding, I mean this is my home, of course I'll tidy up.
I wonder what they will do when on their own. I wonder if their bath would be as clean as mine..:)
Their bed, just so comfy like mine..I like comfort over style around here but my tree is still crocked!
look, I couldn't find a stand and so I got some rocks and a pot and now the tree is stuck in there and there it stays!
I suppose I could crawl under there and set some stones on the other side..
I am making creams today though so I will get to prep  for that.

In the old times when man still hadn't conjured up human images of God he saw that in November and most of December, the Sun was lost to him and then as the nights grew longer and longer and he  had to wonder if this is the end for him too, and then there, on the 21st, The Sun (born) flickering once again over that familiar horizon..
Yule 2013
Beautiful Capricornian Yule 2013
Plutonian in nature
wake up call
know who you really are
shocking events which bring you back to your path~back on track
having the tools to make it good make your words last

And my point if any on this cold Michigan morn, is that mommas would tell stories to their kids about gifts from the lord god in heaven...why, when I was a child in the village, we would hear only stories and maybe listen to an aunt sing..I do not think we had a radio playing all the time either. My yia yia had a cooking house and that is where we bathed. She had a stone oven and she would make bread in it. I have been here in the US for over 40 years, but I remain still enchanted by this memory, the "villager" experience.
I remember the mommas would sit on  a big rock and talk in the afternoon and they would keep an eye on their kids,  the kids never went too far unsupervised. We had all the wonderful foods that we grew and harvested..
I still feel like this is the best way to raise kids..all together as a mom and dad still play a big role in my life and thank goodness for my mom!
I feel like she is just awesome! She brings me homemade spinach pie!

That full moon was just awesome:),  yes!


  1. "a man shall leave his mother and a woman leave her home..there is love"
    now that song will be stuck in my head all day!

  2. Yay! You're making an etsy gift card and have been waiting for some of your butters to be listed. Happy cream making! Love the Christmas memories...